Data Science Skill Map

Image by Unsplash

In this blog, I am trying to provide some idea about data science skill as well as technologies.

  1. First, you will get some logical representation about data science skill map
  2. Second , idea about different technologies.
  3. Finally, some important theory base knowledge which is must for any data scientist to understand the concept.

Understanding Data Science Skills

In this above diagram, I have tried to mention the key skill areas in the data science field.

In data science, there are three skill areas; technology to problems, predictive analytics and software engineering. There are different processes/items which are involved, like prioritizing projects, visualization & communication, product analytics, business optimization, data and machine learning.

Finally, performing all the processes, we will get the below insights

  • Deliver business insights
  • Deliver ML prototypes
  • Build data products

Technologies for Data Science

To learn data science, there are different technologies. Here is one graphical representation. I found this usefull information from one of the data science tutorial.

We should get the knowledge about mathematics and statistics.

Other than these above things, we need to understand

  • A/B testing
  • Hypothesis testing

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