World Population Data Analysis: Web Get Data method with GlobeMap and Multiple Axes visuals


In this blog, we will analyze World Population 2020 data and explore some interesting features of Power BI.  The below sample report page will be created.

Image from Unsplash

Dataset and Business/Domain Understanding

I would like to use “Web” data source method under “Get Data”.

Let us consider data from this url.

World population by country is one of the best real life data and it is self-explanatory data.

Now perform the following steps to import data.

Data Understanding

After clicking on Transform Data, we are now in Power Query Editor.

To understand data, go to View tab and click in check box Column Distribution and Column quality.

Using these features we can understand the data distribution like unique records, distinct records and data quality like percentage of valid records, % of error records and % of missing (empty) records.

Data Cleaning and Data Processing

In data understanding step, we have found errors in some fields. To clean and process these, we will perform some steps.

What kind of error

In the below picture we can observe “Error” for some columns like Fert Rate, Med.Age.

These are number data and data types of these are decimal and whole numbers. Now if we click on any error record and observe error message DataFormatError.

How to solve the error

To resolve this, we can use Replace Errors method of each column and use 0 as replaced value.

Right click on Fert Rate or Med.Age   columns, all the properties of that column are displayed.  Select Replace Errors.

After replacing, see column quantity and column distribution for data validation.

 Click on Close & Apply button and saved data.

Some more data processing

We are now in main Power BI Desktop editor.

After performing below steps, the final data is ready for visualization.

  • Convert measure to dimension using don’t summarize
  • Update some measure columns with aggregation rule average.

Report Creation

For data visualizations, we can explore different visuals using Get more visuals.

I have selected two visuals from the list.

  1. GlobeMap –  3D map view
  2. Multiple Axes Chart – This is very useful to display multiple measures in multiple axes with one dimension.

Publish Report to Power BI Service

After publishing to Power BI Service, we can find some license information for these types of visuals.  However for learning purpose we can very well use these visuals in Power BI Desktop.

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